Skinny Shaming Is A Real Thing

Let's get real today, many people seem to think that skinny shaming is acceptable. Suggesting certain women really need to get a pizza or a burger and eat the whole thing it is an unacceptable joke. People only hear about fat shaming but skinny shaming is a real problem too.

Body shaming
NounThe action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

Don't get me wrong, I have had positive comments like I can pull of anything because I am skinny, that I could be a model and I have had girls tell me that they would kill to have my body however I have been asked how sad it is not having a big ass, I have been told that the wind will blow me away and that men do not want bones, they want curves (especially from the African community). Bones, too skinny, toothpick are just a few of the names I've been called over the years. Instead of being greeted with a typical "Hey, how are you" you often hear "you are…


Your only limit is you.

Hey guys, I hope y'all are having a great weekend so far, mine has been busy. I filmed a Christmas & New Year Eve tutorial which is already up on my channel check it out guys and subscribe if you are new, and then I had to shoot something new for you loves. 

Enough about my weekend, let get to what I am here for. As some of you know, the bomber jacket is the trend of 2016,  wether it's oversized or just the classic one. You can rock it in fall, spring or winter, your choice *wink*.  Let me just say that the bomber jacket is a jacket you should own and you won't regret it because these pieces can be restyled to suit any of your wardrobe's personalty.
Truth is, the bomber jacket is a great jacket alternative. I had to own both, the oversized and the classic one. And between us these pieces look better left unzipped than they do all zipped up.  

Photo Credit: Justine Kiza 

Turtleneck Knitwear: Only
The classic bomber jacket: Vero Moda
The long bomber jacket:
Shoes: H&M
Bag: H&M

Thank you for stopping by
Xoxo :*


  1. Loved the throrough and very detailed description you gave us! And also, both jackets look great on you, ma Cherie❤️❤️


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