Skinny Shaming Is A Real Thing

Let's get real today, many people seem to think that skinny shaming is acceptable. Suggesting certain women really need to get a pizza or a burger and eat the whole thing it is an unacceptable joke. People only hear about fat shaming but skinny shaming is a real problem too.

Body shaming
NounThe action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

Don't get me wrong, I have had positive comments like I can pull of anything because I am skinny, that I could be a model and I have had girls tell me that they would kill to have my body however I have been asked how sad it is not having a big ass, I have been told that the wind will blow me away and that men do not want bones, they want curves (especially from the African community). Bones, too skinny, toothpick are just a few of the names I've been called over the years. Instead of being greeted with a typical "Hey, how are you" you often hear "you are…

My First Blogger Award

Blog award

So guys here is a thing...I was nominated by a fellow blogger, Nadege a.k.a Glam Paradise boss for this blog award which is called The Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award. It is an unofficial blog award by a fellow blogger because she has found my blog or a particular article on my blog inspiring and deems my blog worthy of an award. But it comes with some rules though, I have to answer 11 questions given by her, then I have to nominate 11 new bloggers and give them 11 new questions.

Thank you for nominating me darling, I am so happy that my blog has inspired you in some way. Here is her blog:, check it out for more.

Let's start:

1. Why did you choose to blog as your passion and what inspired you to blog?

  • To be honest I started to blog because people asked me to. They liked my style and wanted me to blog about it and because I am passionate about fashion and beauty, it made the decision easier.

2. How can you describe yourself as a blogger and outside of the "blog world"?

  • As a blogger, I am very passionate about what I do, I put a lot of work in it and that is why I like to deliver the best of me. Outside of the blogging world, I am a full-time student, so if I am not blogging or vlogging, you'll find me in front of my computer surround by books.

3. What is your biggest mistake and achievement as a blogger and why?

  • My biggest mistake is not to post constantly, but I am trying to change that. 
  • Achievement: I was and still is bold enough to create my own little world regardless of critics.

4. What is your favorite place in the world?

  • Uhm this is a tough favorite place in the world is home in my bed, on a serious note I think it is the Islands, somewhere sunny.

5. Do you consider yourself more as a blogger or an entrepreneur? 

  • Well, for now, I consider myself as a blogger but I am developing my entrepreneurship skills to be both on the longer run. 

6. What impact would you like to leave on the readers of your blog?

  • I want to inspire them and to make them understand that loving yourself is the major key. Be confident boo, own that! Do you!

7. Who do you look up as a young blogger and as a young entrepreneur? why?

  • As a young entrepreneur, it's Zendaya and it is because she has achieved so much at such a young age and she is a strong, confident, hard-working and daring woman/lady (whatever you want to call her)
  • Young blogger...uh I have a few, Abimbola Zaenab (Her blog) is one of them, Victoria Nkatha (Her blog), Tracy Asinda (Her blog) etc. These ladies do a really good job, they are the real definition of real bloggers if you know what I mean...hard-working, deliver a great content, post constantly. And guys I suggest to check their blogs out.

8. What is your everyday look?

  • A casual look but still elegant. 

9. Do you have any makeup tips? I yes, name them...if not, why not?

  • SKIN CARE. I repeat SKIN CARE. No question, SKIN CARE. I use Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 for my skincare routine and it works perfectly fine for me. And you should always remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep. 

10. Are you open to collaborations with other people and suggestions from other people?

  • Yes definitely, ALWAYS. I think collaboration is key for bloggers, vloggers etc. Because collaborating with others can make a project more successful than it might otherwise be. 

11. What's your biggest advice to new bloggers?

  • Start now, be consistent and dear, it will get better.

I nominate:
Victoria Nkatha (IG:victoria_nkatha), Abimbola Zaenab (IG: Abbienaija), Deddeh Howard (IG:secretofdd), Sonia (IG Sonish-space), The Yusufs (IG: theyusufs), Elisabeth Rhonda (IG: Elisabethrhonda), Barbara Adeniken (IG: outofbarbarasbox), Mayowa Folami (IG: yourclosetgirlziza), Angelique Ejembi (IG: chicstylecheck), Hosannah Roxanne (IG: fashandtalks), and Esther Mboa (IG: iamesthermboa).

Here are the 11 questions to my nominees:

1. What inspired you to create your blog?
2. What strengths really help you into blogging?
3. What would be your ideal working environment?
4. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?
5. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year(s)?
6. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
7. What do you do in your spare time?
8. Who was your first style icon?
9. Would you encourage others to start blogging?
10. What advice can you give new bloggers?
11. Can you describe yourself in three words?

The nominees should accept this award and then comment with a link to their acceptance post in the comment section under this post.

Thank you for stopping by


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