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Skinny Shaming Is A Real Thing

Let's get real today, many people seem to think that skinny shaming is acceptable. Suggesting certain women really need to get a pizza or a burger and eat the whole thing it is an unacceptable joke. People only hear about fat shaming but skinny shaming is a real problem too.

Body shaming
NounThe action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

Don't get me wrong, I have had positive comments like I can pull of anything because I am skinny, that I could be a model and I have had girls tell me that they would kill to have my body however I have been asked how sad it is not having a big ass, I have been told that the wind will blow me away and that men do not want bones, they want curves (especially from the African community). Bones, too skinny, toothpick are just a few of the names I've been called over the years. Instead of being greeted with a typical "Hey, how are you" you often hear "you are…


The winter to spring transition can be challenging because this weather is often unpredictable so planning what to wear is not easy. I read somewhere that there is an internal fashion freak-out known to women when the warm weather hits, we need to wear less clothes, because we become suddenly aware that our bodies have not seen the daylight in months. So spring is when we start to let our skin breathe but because the thought of freezing makes it less appealing I keep the sleeves long for now. Trust me girls a long sleeve dress will be your go to on a Saturday or Sunday. You can layer it with a cardigan, a leather or bomber jacket when it’s cool outside, add sneakers or heels and head out to brunch, day out with your squad or to church. Here are some pictures I took showing you one of my favorite dresses I got from Bubbleroom (Get here), I paired the look with heels from and a bag from H&M (Get here).
May this new month be more successful, may it brings more inspiration an…